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Hi, I'm Remi! You signed my cardboard thing at Phoenix Comicon today (SO DID ANDREW HUSSIE WTF) so I'm going to follow you and love you forever.Have a wonderful week. <3

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Hey all you followers—Homestucks, Whovians, whathaveyous!  Do you remember Clockstopper?  I sure do!  That was a lot of fun to make and even more fun to watch the play count go up and the reblogs go insane.  :D

So what is this?  This is my non-Homestuck band Tome and THIS POST is our first single called Inevitable.  If you like it, please reblog this post and get it to as many people as you can!  

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-[=&gt; // Trying out the new Vic Firth Gavin Harrison signature sticks. // Note the smooth transition from shoulder to bead and the blue grip material. //

-[=> // Trying out the new Vic Firth Gavin Harrison signature sticks. // Note the smooth transition from shoulder to bead and the blue grip material. //

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i said i’d finish this today so i did - clockstopper chiptune-ish version! with some shitty eq effects tacked on at the beginning for fun

original song from the homestuck album colours and mayhem

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// Objective completed. //

-[=> // Will return to headquarters in 24 hours. //

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// Headed to a secure location. //

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Big things coming…

Stay tuned.

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Guys I want to draw your usernames

but it won’t let me reblog the thing that I asked you to reblog

Please reblog this so I can draw some fancy shmancy usernames 

pllleeeaaasssseeeee (I would especially like awesome fandom mashup usernames)


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Hey Homestuck fandom, let’s talk about Owl City for a bit






Have I got your attention?


Now, let’s talk about Owl City.

Specifically, let’s talk about how Owl City making a passing mention of Homestuck on his Twitter feed had some people going “omg he’s gonna make the music!” while, you know, the people who are ALREADY MAKING MUSIC FOR HOMESTUCK GO UNNOTICED.

Pardon my French, but: What. The. FUCK.

How much of the fandom actually knows that a music team exists? How much of the fandom cares about them? How many people have bought the music just cause “oh it’s Homestuck” without sparing a single thought to the people who actually made the music? Or perhaps that’s only worth talking about if it’s made by somebody famous. Yeah. Real nice.

Pop quiz. You’ve heard Elevatorstuck in what, 11 pages now.

Who wrote it?

What about Infinity Mechanism? Frost? Even in Death? Friggin’ Cascade?

If you can’t answer any of that, you’d better pay attention and start appreciating the people who brought you these sweet tunes.

Fandom: This is the Homestuck music team. Get acquainted before anyone says another friggin word about Owl City.

i knew something was bothering me about this whole owl city thing but i couldn’t put a finger on it

listen to the dude he knows what’s up

Can this please get thousands of notes


edit: actually you know what I am going to reblog this once a day until it has thousands of notes

well okay then

As someone who contributed to a piece on ColoUrs and mayhem, I would like to signal boost this as well.

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